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Midori Hirose
Born in Hood River, OR.
Lives and works in Portland, OR, USA.


2004 Bachelors in Fine Arts, Sculpture, Pacific Northwest College of Arts, Portland, OR.

1999 Bachelors in Social Science, History and Human Development, Washington State University, Vancouver, WA.

Solo Exhibition

2015 The Joker is Wild, Littman Gallery, Portland, OR.
2010 New Works, Little Field via Appendix Space, Portland, OR.
2010 L Sub to the Polynomial, Nationale, Portland, OR.

Group Exhibition

2014 Givers, curated by Jesse Hayward, galleryHOMELAND, Portland, OR.
2014 Lift the Tarp, curated by Zigzag Wanderer, Portland, OR.

2013 Codex International Book Fair, Monograph Bookwerks, Berkeley, CA.
2013 SUN/LIGHT Group Show, PMOMA, Portland, OR.
2013 LA Art Book Fair at MOCA, Monograph Bookwerks, Los Angeles, CA.
2013 Fylkingen, Group show via Jeffrey Kriksciun in Stockholm, Sweden.

2012 Mush, Mush, The Sloping Midnight Line, Carson Ellis & Nationale, Nationale, Portland, OR.
2012 Summer Sigs '12 Release #3, Container Corps, Portland, OR.

2011 Interior Margins, Group Show curated by Stephanie Snyder, Lumber Room, Portland, OR.
2011 Show with Damien Gilley, curated by Eva Lake, The Independent, Portland, Oregon.
2011 The New American Landscape, Kahnaway Art & Ecology, Washougal, WA.
2011 Chain Letter, Samson Projects, Boston, MA.
2011 Nudity in Groups #3, Galerie Salome, Portland, OR.
2011 COLLECT FOUR: Scenes From Portland's Bleeding Edge curated by Jesse Hayward, White Box, Portland, OR.

2010 Soluble, Nationale, Portland, OR.
2010 Morph/Shift, Swigert Commons, PNCA, Portland, OR.
2010 Relative Picnic, PDX Contemporary Art Gallery, Portland, OR.
2010 Smell the Glove curated by Michael Gaughan, CO Exhibitions, Minneapolis, MN.
2010 Shadow + Sunlight, East/West Project, Gallery Homeland, Berlin, Germany.

2009 Northwest Emerging Artists Seattle City Lights Portable Works, Seattle, WA.
2009 SQFT curated by TJ Norris, Fish Bowl at Black Fish Gallery, Portland, OR.
2009 Midori Hirose and Joshua Kermiet, Fontanelle Gallery, Portland, OR.
2009 Winter Light curated by Leo Michelson, Beppu Wiarda Gallery, Portland, OR.

2008 COTR, Audio Cinema, Portland, OR.
2008 Kinda Like a Buffet, PDX Contemporary Art Gallery, Portland, OR.
2008 Light Show curated by Nathaniel Price, TIGA, Portland, OR.

2007 It’s Kind of Endless, Quality Pictures Gallery, Portland, OR.
2007 Weirding and the Uncanny curated by Levi Hanes, Newbery Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.
2007 Women’s Group Show, Floating World Comics, Portland, OR.
2007 Supernatural curated by Arnold Kemp, TBA Festival, PNCA, Portland, OR.
2007 Star Jelly/Pwdre Ser, PDX Window Project, Portland, OR.

2006 I Heart Oregon, Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR.
2006 Suite B, Valentine's, Portland, OR.
2006 Valentine, Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR.
2006 Yeti, Valentine's, Portland, OR.
2006 Portrait Show, Hall Gallery, Portland, OR.
2006 The Pixel Project, Touring Exhibit, US and Canada.

2005 Plushtastrophe, Moon Pony, Ontario, Canada.

2004 Heart Igloo aka, From Chukchi with Love, Visage Arts, Portland, OR.
2004 Sparkle Me Forest, Tube, Portland, OR.
2004 The "One" Show, Motel Gallery, Portland, OR.
2004 Plushtastrophe, Basil Hallward Gallery, Portland, OR.
2004 Marriage Records Revue, Meow Meow, Portland, OR.

2003 Featured w/Charm Bracelet, Cooley Gallery, Reed College, Portland, OR.
2003 Modern Zoo, PCAC, Portland, OR.
2003 Vulva Art Show, Vagina Monologues, PSU, Portland, OR.
2003 Vollum Lounge Exhibition, Reed College, Portland, OR.


2012 Ford Family Foundation Caldera Artist in Residence (AiR) Prize
2011 Regional Arts and Culture Council Professional Development Grant
2003 Agnes Prentis Memorial Scholarship
2002 Beth Fagan Memorial Scholarship
2001 Dorothy Haskell-Johnson Memorial Scholarship
2001 Helen Director Memorial Scholarship
2001 Arlene Schnitzer Scholarship
1999 Washington State University President’s Service Award


2014 Untitled Gradient, Multnomah County Portable Works of Portland Collection, Portland, OR.
2009 Pwdre Ser 12, Seattle City Lights, Seattle, WA.
2009 Untitled Painting, Fran Drago and Wally Davis, Gettysburg, PA.
2008 Snow collaboration with Adam Sorensen, City of Portland Initiative via North and PICA, Portland, OR.
2007 TBA Festival Artist, PICA, Portland, OR.
2005 TBA Festival Art Installation, PICA, Portland, OR.
2004 "Blue" Set Design, Polaris Dance Company, Portland, OR.


2015 Caldera Artists Publication, Caldera, Sisters, OR. (upcoming)
2014 Studio Journal Knock, Studio Journal Knock Book Series Issue 3, Fukuoka, Japan.
2013 Artist Book, Monograph Bookwerks, Edition 1 of 1, Portland, OR.
2012 Mush, Mush, the Sloping Midnight Line, Carson Ellis & Midori Hirose, Catalog, Nationale, Portland, OR.
2012 Summer Sigs '12 Release #3, Container Corps, Limited Edition, Portland, OR.
2011 Zehn Sense Forever, Nova Contemporary Culture & Outscapes, Rojo Magazine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2010 Nudity in Groups #02 curated by Alex Felton and Kevin Abell, Limited Edition Poster, Portland, OR.
2008 You Don’t Care But it was the Best Moment in My Life, Hippy Shit, Vol. No. 1, Portland, OR.
2007 Contributing Artist, Character, Stephen Slappe, Portland, OR.

Related Experiences

2015 Curator, GG at the Helm: Portland Women's Forum, Bronco Gallery, Corbett, OR.
2015 PICAs TADADA 20th Anniversary Benefit Artist, PICA, Portland, OR.
2015 The Joker is Wild Performances II, The Littman Gallery, Portland, OR.
2015 The Joker is Wild Performances, Mother Foucault, Portland, OR.
2014 Art Funds Donor, Art from the Heart, Portland, OR.
2014, 2010 and 2011 Benefit Artist, Disjecta's Annual Art Auction, Portland, OR.
2014 and 2011 Curator, Meatspace: A Space Where Minds Meet and Gather, Portland, OR.
2013 to 2015 Volunteer Food Drive Coordinator, Radio Cab Foundation, Portland, OR.
2013 to 2015 Voice Narrator, Regional Arts & Culture Council Video Orientation for RACC Grant Award Applicants
2013 to 2015 Art Critic, Talking Gang Gatherings, Portland, OR.
2013 and 2014 POP-UP SHOP Fundraiser, PMOMA, Portland, OR.
2012 to present Spitwad, WoWoWoWo sculpture project, International.
2011 to 2013 WoWoWoWo, Community-Action Project, Portland, OR.
2011 to 2013 Lunch Club, Art Meets Food Themed Gatherings, Portland, OR.
2011 Painter/Art Mentor, New Avenues for Youth Mural via Joanne Jackson and Chris Johanson, Portland, OR.
2011 Merchant in Residence 003, Nationale, Portland, OR.
2011 Benefit Artist, Plazm 20th Anniversary Benefit Party, Portland, OR.
2011 Gunge Creator/Performer, Episode XVI: Princess Dies — The Crowning, Experimental 1/2 Hour, PICA, Portland, OR.
2011 Benefit Artist, Art for Japan, A fundraising event to benefit Mercy Corps’ Japan relief fund, Portland, OR.
2011 Benefit Artist, Fount: Appendix 2011 Fundraiser, Portland, OR.
2010 Costume Designer, Last Splash, Portland, OR.
2010 Visiting Artist, Mad Paw drawing workshop for teens, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR.
2009 TBA Costume Designer, PICA, Portland, OR.
2005 to present Prints for PICA Artist, PICA, Portland, OR.
2004 to Present Visiting Artist, Portland Community College and Portland State University, Portland, OR.
2004 to present Public Art Artist, Freelance, Portland, OR.
2004 to 2013 Research and Production Design Coordinator, Sticky, Portland, OR.
2002 to Present, K-12 and Adults Art Teacher, Freelance, Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.
2002 to 2006 Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) Volunteer, Portland, OR.
1999 to 2000 Clark College International Student Advisor, Vancouver, WA.
1998 to 1999 Washington State University Fine Art & Lecture Series Volunteer Coordinator, Vancouver, WA.
1998 to 1999 Associate Student Government Officer, Washington State University, Vancouver, WA.
1997 and 1998 Clark College Earth Week Volunteer Art Coordinator, Vancouver, WA.
1994 to 2000 Volunteer ESL Instructor, Clark College, Vancouver, WA.
1994 to 2000 Volunteer ESL Instructor, Columbia River Mental Health, Vancouver, WA.
1991 to 1994 ESL Instructor, Nichibei English School, Kochi-City, Japan.


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