Midori Hirose
is a sculptor, conceptual artist and curator who lives and works in Portland, Oregon, USA.

In alchemy, materials transform from base metals to precious ones.
Midori Hirose's work investigates similar phase shifts, exploring material changes, both perceived and actual. The concepts are drawn from history, early childhood education and science of the human senses. As Hirose investigates and alters materials, she works to identify their structural polarities and absolutes, playfully exploring the elements of forms to concretize, reveal, or catalyze their different states. The dichotomy between the built (representing order) and natural (representing chaos) world are formal dynamics that Hirose seeks to express and understand through the interactions of materials.

The structure of the work becomes a metaphor for (and a memory of) the complexity of knowing. Research, materials, techniques, and metaphors exist as an evolving taxonomy of physical “models.” Hirose calls her relationship to this history "material storytelling." She sees her sculptures as dimensional illustrations of these investigations.

Worm visions to zenith