Interior Margins | Lumber Room

Curated by Sarah Meigs, Lumber Room founder and Stephanie Snyder, John and Anne Hauberg Curator and Director Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery

Open November 12, 2011 — January 30, 2012
11am — 6pm | Thursday Friday Saturday

Lumber Room 914 NW 9th Avenue Portland Oregon USA 97209

Loose, colored sand encased in clear acrylic.
Sand sculptures series, 2010-2011.

Created clear cases for sand. Sand is poured and pound into each case.

The work began with the following concepts: Random/order, chaos/structure, mortality/eternity. Materials were selected to exhibit this balance and coupling.

Readings/Findings which helped in concept and material selection. The science of sand. Platonic solids, XYZ Earth coordinates. Plutarch's etymology on alchemy: Black Earth/Desert Sand. The hour glass representing past/present/future and the capture of time. Stopping and compacting the element of time. Dune. The city, Petra in Jordan. Kids with sand. Folklore: Harvey Sandman (The Sandman), the mythical character who sprinkles magic sand on children at night for good dreams. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity — energy in matter and Man/Nature.

Photos 2, 4, 7-9 by Jeremy Bittermann, 2012
Photos 3, 5 and 6 by Dan Kvitka, 2011