Interactive Soft Sculptures
Foam and fabric, Modern Zoo, 2003.

Contact is a reoccurring theme in this series of work: Direct, physical contact between the visitor and the sculpture. With fabric, I encourage the audience to follow the impulse to touch the pieces. The objective is for the participant to not only touch, but to allow the primal desire to interact with each piece. At first glance, the work has an unusual organic and sexual characteristic. The simple, familiar shapes and lines derive from such objects as pillow, stuffed animal and coat pocket. With small alterations, each material takes on a new level of meaning. Minimal line detail is used to generate focus on the way the faux fur, faux leather and lining juxtapose. This combination plays off of humor and femininity. A tool to first surprise the viewer and then lead them to further engage with the work. There is a strong connection between the participant and the work. I'm intrigued by the physical impressions a person leaves on the piece and vice versa. The nature of the marks left on the faux fur and feeling generated through the experience brought to my attention the human process of reception and our level of comfort.