Collect Four: Portlands' Bleeding Edge
Curated by Jesse Hayward

Sand in acrylic plexiglass, 2010.
Shown at White Box, 2011.

Created clear cases for sand. Sand is poured and pound into each case.
Built wood plinth for floor piece to elevate and blend in with the wood floor.

The work began with the following concepts: Random/order, chaos/structure, mortality/eternity. Materials were selected to exhibit this balance and coupling.

Readings/Findings which helped in concept and material selection. The science of sand. Platonic solids, XYZ Earth coordinates. Plutarch's etymology on alchemy: Black Earth/Desert Sand. The hour glass representing past/present/future and the capture of time. Stopping and compacting the element of time. Dune. The city, Petra in Jordan. Kids with sand. Folklore: Harvey Sandman (The Sandman), the mythical character who sprinkles magic sand on children at night for good dreams. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity — energy in matter and Man/Nature.

White Box Installation, 2011.White Box Installation, 2011.   SQFT on wood plinthSQFT on wood plinth   Encased  Sand DetailEncased Sand Detail   Gradient SIII, 2010.Gradient SIII, 2010.   Encased Sand DetailEncased Sand Detail   BW I, 2010.BW I, 2010.   Encased Sand DetailEncased Sand Detail   BW I & BW II, 2010.BW I & BW II, 2010.