Tumble in the Grass
Wood, foam and astroturf, Modern Zoo, 2003.

An interactive installation
made for the public.

Notice: Use with discretion.
Artist is not liable for any
injuries/damages caused by
over the top, click-of-the-heel
maneuvers or poorly crafted
cartwheels and round-overs.
Kick back and relax.
Tumble in the grass.

The initial idea arrived from my teachings in Early Childhood education and studies of Fredrick Law Olmsted, Public Administrator and Landscape Designer from the 1900s. Play is a valuable element in human development. Predecessor, Olmsted helped create US parks. He was a dedicated advocate to the improvement of society and provided this vision through natural spaces, including the New York City Central Park. Parks are manmade and yet they are referred to as 'natural' spaces. How do we differentiate what we shape, manmade versus natural? For this installation, working within the confines of a warehouse, I bring artificial nature into a space. A hint to nature. 'Tumble' is derived from the Germanic word, to dance and play. The installation invites people to tumble in the grass.